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11 Jul 2017

The biggest disruptor to crewing will be the seafarers

11 Jul 2017 • by Faststream Recruitment Group


In a speech at Crew Connect Europe in Copenhagen yesterday (9th May 2017) Faststream CEO Mark Charman took a closer look at the challenges which crewing faces in the years to come. The presentation focused on how disruption will be the driving force behind long-term improvements of crewing the growing number of vessels at sea.

“We surveyed over 1,000 seafarers from 26 different nationalities to find out what seafarers really thought about their career” says Charman. “66% are planning to change employers within the next 3 years, 70% do not feel they are receiving the necessary development to come ashore and over half of junior ranks felt that their promotions were too slow. These are wide ranging issues with no clear signs of solutions.”

Charman highlighted the growing disconnect between the Shipping industry and Millennials, saying that “We have not seen any change in tactics to adapt to the needs of Millennials. If anything the disconnect between the Shipping sector and Millennials continues to widen. Is Shipping ready or able to adapt? It is a question that every organisation should be asking themselves.”

Who will be the disruptors? Charman stated that the biggest disruptor will be the seafarers themselves. “If the industry is going to change then the driving force behind this must be the seafarers. They will be the biggest disruptors.”

Crew Connect Europe is the annual meeting of the Crewing industry in Europe, held this year at the Radisson Blu, Copenhagen. The agenda at this year’s conference is to discuss the potential solutions for the recruitment, training and welfare of seafarers.

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Published: 11 Jul 2017