Underwriter/Senior Underwriter, Charterers & Traders

For more than 100 years Gard, one of the world’s leading marine insurance organisations, has been helping shipowners to protect their assets and safeguard their income so that trade can flourish. For more than 30 of those years, Gard has also been a market leader in charterers’ insurance.

Underwriter/Senior Underwriter, Charterers & Traders in Arendal, Oslo or London

We are looking for an Underwriter or Senior Underwriter to join our Charterers’ team. The role requires full service to potential and existing clients, including risk evaluation, premium setting, cover and contract review and providing advice.

Each underwriter is responsible for specific clients and participates in business development, as well as acting as a liaison with brokers globally. Travel is required, and strong communication and negotiation skills are a necessity.

Successful candidates will have a relevant degree and/or experience in commodity trading, shipping, trade law and/ or marine insurance.

Register your application and CV via the APPLY button or find out more at www.gard.no/careers