Fleet Operator

Starbulk S.A. is seeking a Fleet Operator to be based in Athens:


  1. Monitors the performance of each vessel in the designated Fleet based on flag, statutory and Company’s requirements and guidelines. Also monitors the daily performance at Sea with regards to speed, consumption and weather conditions.
  2. Appoints cargo or bunker surveyors and port agents and arranges various services that the ship requires. Updates position list and books, checks with agent the ship’s prospects and approves D/As.
  3. Approves hire statements or freight invoices including lay-time calculations and assists chartering (cargo quantity / stowage calculations) in describing vessel’s particular characteristics and authorizes Charter Party clauses.
  4. Checks pre-stowage plans, loading sequences, passage plans, cargo docs, LOIs, bunker requirements and authorizes bunker invoices.
  5. Issues voyage instructions, ship’s cargo holds preparation instructions and Monitors ship’s cargo holds condition and preparation.
  6. Monitors the actual day-to-day performance and financial expenditure of vessels in the fleet.
  7. Communicates to Masters Voyage instructions, port requirements, local regulations, cargo requirements and precautions, ship’s charter party description and applicable clauses.
  8. Liaises with the Insurance Department in handling of claims, hazardous situations, accidents and P & I involvement and informs it in case of vessel breaking International Navigation Limits and war zones.


  1. Captain Class A License. Degree / Diploma in Maritime studies will be an asset.
  2. Minimum 2 years sea experience as Captain onboard bulk carriers and 2 years office experience as operator.
  3. Fluency in English.
  4. Computer literate.
  5. Communication & negotiation skills.